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Guam Dental Insurance Alternative

We make caring for your families smiles affordable.

About Us

What is DSI?

DSI offers a membership in a direct dental discount benefit plan. Members can save 10% to 50% on all restorative and cosmetic work (fillings, crowns, etc.) and $20 co pay on First Initial Clinical Examination, X-Rays and Periodic Cleaning(1) that is performed by your participating dentist.

As a DSI member, you will enjoy 2 free cleanings, 1 set of x-rays and no charge for exams each year as part of your coverage.

Since the dental plan is not insurance, most pre-existing conditions are covered except orthodontic treatment. There is no waiting period before you can start using the plan. Schedule your first appointment w/ your first quarter payment.


How do i pay my membership fee?

Monthly or quarterly payments are made by Electronic Bank Draft System, check or by credit card. We like to take the "Paper-Headache" out of having Dental Coverage!


How do I use the plan?

Once you're approved, Present your receipt to GentleCare Dental Clinic, an exclusive provider and you will be eligible to get the discounted fees. You pay the provider only your percentage at the time of service.

With DSI, you get the services you need to maintain a bright appealing smile at affordable prices.