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Guam Dental Insurance Alternative

We make caring for your families smiles affordable.

Guam Dental Insurance vs. DSI

DSI Compared to Guam Dental Insurance

  • Traditional Guam Dental Insurance Companies DO NOT cover once a money line (annual allowed maximum) has been crossed. (After that...a customer is CASH out of pocket with no discount!)
  • DSI has no annual maximum restrictions on utilization and substantial discounts on everything covered!!
  • They will not cover for services you want and need such as: implants to replace missing teeth, smile whitening, cosmetics and discounts at the pharmacy. DSI does!!!
  • DSI includes all necessary exams, x-rays and 3 prophy cleanings each year. Insurance companies only cover 2 per year (and only if the max. allowable line has not been crossed!)
  • If you CARE to COMPARE the best dental coverage on Guam versus the Traditional Dental Insurance companies...Call today for an informational appointment.